Repair KI03B on K3S (GOOD NEWS)

Everett N4CY

Elecrart had just put in some new equipment to repair boards and are sending me a repaired replacement board set, which is great news.

Two months ago I sent the KIO3B board from my K3S to Elecraft to have it repaired as the USB port quit working. It sat at Elecraft for 6 weeks and I finally sent Elecraft an email asking what the status was of the board. Finally they replied to my email and said that they would have to replace the board, but they have no boards and would have to order them. So I sent another email asking when they would be getting the boards. So yesterday Evening I received an email and was told that I needed to put my name on their list for boards.

So after yesterday’s email I took a look at the schematic for the KIO3B board and there is a integrated device on the USB input “TUSB2036” which is a 32 pin device. The cost for a TUSB2036 is $3.25 at Mouser. Apparently Elecraft do not repair boards and just replace them. My thinking is if they are not able to get replacement boards then why don’t they repair them?

I have asked them to return the board, as I plan on trying to replacing the TUSB2036 myself. I have a hot air rework station and will try to replace the device and hope it works-out? At this point I am so discussed with Elecraft that I am thinking about canceling the K4 that I have on order and buying something else.

Everett N4CY

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