Re: Spare part info

David Bunte

Howard -

I hear others in the UK mention Waters & Stanton as a source of Elecraft gear and repairs. Perhaps they can do better than that.

I hope you can work something out.

73 de Dave - K9FN

On Tue, Nov 17, 2020 at 7:07 AM g4cch_1 <g4cch_1@...> wrote:
I started an order from Elecraft for a VFO B knob (mine has a crack across it). Would have paid the $15 for the knob, but $70 for shipping is ridiculous, so I decided not to go ahead. Guess same would apply to all small parts.

Have emailed them to see if they can come up with something more sensible, but no reply. 

Howard, G4CCH

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