Re: K3 K3S Parts

VE9AA - Mike

Well put Drew !

On Tue, Nov 10, 2020 at 11:32 AM, Drew Vonada-Smith K3PA wrote:
You guys are dreaming.  

No ham manufacturer carries board assembly level spares and accessories for 5 years after production, much less 20.  Elecraft still repairs the radios, thus, they are supported.  Nothing requires that you throw them away.  Nothing is a brick.  Elecraft never made any promise beyond what they are doing.  You can buy all the components level parts and fix it yourself, or you can send it in.

Please name another manufacturer that does any better.  Certainly not Kenwood, Icom, Yaesu, TenTec.  Not Alpha.  Not SIgnal/One.  Not Flex.  Anything Chinese?  Hardly.  Nor Drake, Heath, Hallicrafters, Hammerlund, National, Globe, Eldico, Eico.  Even Collins had limits.  Who are you going to buy from?  

Sure, I would like them to carry every part, forever, but it is an unreasonable expectation. Elecraft is a bit better than most, they gave a last buy warming and a sign up sheet.  Tell me who else even did that?

I'm not a fanboy.  My K3 is not even my favorite transceiver,, merely a pretty good one.  But the attacks here are unfair to a company trying to do its best, while making a profit.  A profit, by the way, is requred to stay in business.  Do all of you work for free?


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