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Lyn Norstad

Dave -

Windows 10 attempts to lock down USB port assignments as a security measure,
and does so again with each update. Some apps are smart enough to deal with
this, but Winlink is basically a 1990s era Email application and is
susceptible to issues like this.

There are numerous articles on how to deal with it. Some that want to sell
you an app to fix it, some that tell you how to fix it yourself (i.e.: The
Windows Club website). Select the one that best matches your comfort level.
Worst case scenario, you fix it manually after every Windows update. But at
least you are aware of what needs fixing, and how to do it.

In most cases, you need to go into the Soundcard settings for the Mode you
have selected (i.e.: Vara HF Winlink) and change the input and output
devices to USB Audio Codec.

Are you participating in the Red Cross drill next Saturday?

Lyn, W0LEN

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Oh yes... All other software using the PTT and mic are working fine...
Just Winlink fails to PTT.

73, and thanks,
Dave (NK7Z)
ARRL Volunteer Examiner
ARRL Technical Specialist, RFI
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On 11/7/20 10:49 AM, Bob Novas via wrote:
Dave -

Make sure windows is allowing Winlink modem app to use the microphone.

Settings/System/Sound/"Related Settings" Microphone Privacy Settings:

Allow Apps to access your microphone: ON
Allow desktop apps to access your microphone: VARA HF MODEM, whatever else
you use

Bob - W3DK

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Is anyone using Winlink, (latest), with Windows 10, (latest), and a K3?
All used to work, and all of a sudden PTT fails. All else works, the
radio is driven to the best frequency, etc... I have made no known
changes. There was a windows update... I would like to verify it still
works, and if so, to get some settings from you...

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