Re: K3S parts availability???


I bought 6 years ago a gently used K3 and made an upgrade with sync board and some additional parts.
I am very satisfied with the TRX.
One of my purchase decision was, I believed Elecraft would store spare parts longer than the well known competitors. on the other hand I prefer simple displays, not theese SDR one.

Several years ago I owned a Kenwood 950 SDX , with was discontinued 6-7 years and when I asked my dealer, if spare parts would be available, he denied some essential parts.
So I sold it quickly , even there where no issues.

So I would asked the experienced here, are there essential issues in the last years as some other brands have had.
I know only some issues with the 4 knobs and broken caps.
I will keep mine as long as I can, today I see no alternative to a K3 according to size, weight and performance.
I believe Elecraft has a good reputation, and they dont gamble away :-)
73 Alex

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