Re: Best way to remote a K3 or K3S

Art - VE3UTT / W1AJT


I couldn't disagree more with Bob.  I have been using Remote Rig since 2014 for many contests including MSHP.  There is a good publication on the Elecraft website devoted to just exactly what you need.  I have found that the Remote Rig forum on their website is great for getting additional answers.  If you want to have the added point of failure with a PC at the remote site, you have options.  However, if you want things to work without a PC then RR is the best show in town.  All you have to do is follow the Elecraft manual "ELECRAFT K3-Remote INCLUDING THE K3/0-MINI AND K3/0 CONTROL HEADS OWNER’S MANUAL".

I use my RR weekly for CWOps and in major contests when I am in my US residence.  My remote is 900 miles away in Canada and my Internet speed there is 10 MBPS DSL.  In the US, I have had only 8 MBPS DSL for 4 of the 6 years with no problem.  It takes me less than 5 minutes to change from local to remote.  The only problems I have had are the same whether you have a PC at the remote or not.  I have asked many well-known contesters if they can tell when I am remote - they never can.

Just my experience.  Good luck with whatever solution you implement.

Art - VE3UTT / W1AJT

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