Re: K3S parts availability???


The service rep told me to fill out the form that would be an indicator to Elecraft that a part is needed, being the KIO3B board.   If and wnen they received enough requests then Elecraft would order the parts and make a run of those boards and then they would send an email to those on the list telling them that the board is available and they could then order it.

But the KIO3B board is listed under the available parts order sheet.    I'm waiting, about 3 days now, for a service tech to help me decide just what I need to order, the KIO3B board comes in 3 different pieces and I'm not sure just how much of it was damaged so I asked for a little guidance to determine what I need.   The main board it $275, and the other two boards are I believe $75 and $70, or somewhere in that range.   When the service tech responds, and I can determine what I need I will try to order the correct board/boards.

I have a K3 and a K3S, P3, KAT500, KPA500.   As in this case when a part is damaged does that mean they are paper weights?   Someone responded that the K3S became obsolete when the K4 started shipping.   Just how many K4s have been shipped?   What if I don't want or need the functionality of the K4?   I guess I will have to spend $4000 for a radio I don't need because I cannot get parts for an otherwise perfectly good radio????   Sounds good if you are selling radios.   Not so good if you are an end user just trying to enjoy what you invested in a few years ago.

Please don't misunderstand my concern here.   I'm not anti Elecraft, in fact I love my Elecraft equipment.   And I'm not trying to create resentment or unhappiness with Elecraft.   I'm just trying to understand where us users stand with regard to keeping our radios repaired and working to the excellent standards that we have always enjoyed from Elecraft equipment.

Please Elecraft, tell me that I can depend on Elecraft into the future to keep my old radios up and running.

Fred, K0FG

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