Re: Best way to remote a K3 or K3S

Bob Evans


I agree with Mark's comments but would emphasize the comment ""take some effort to set up and configure".  I would not count on RemoteRig's documentation much at all.  It does not give you any background to understand what is trying to be communicated and no troubleshooting comments. You MUST be a senior network engineer or ready to devote a year to figuring it out on your own.  Your best support resource would be people like Mark who have worked through the miriad of issues required to get a K3/0 and RemoteRig system working well and can save you months of effort with a single recommendation.  If you already have access to a static IP from your ISP, that is a very good start.

Even though it takes lots of effort, this system is still a million times better than a Remote Desktop/Software rig control solution that involves a remote PC running some flavor of local rig control software.

Good luck!

Bob K5WA

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