Re: K3S parts availability???

Dave (NK7Z)

This is an interesting thread... I hope Elecraft speaks up soon...

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On 11/5/20 5:50 AM, Jim - N4ST wrote:
I was offered a PA upgrade on my factory K3S a couple of years ago to improve 6M performance.
Earlier this year I decided to go ahead and get the upgrade, but was told it was no longer available.

Jim – N4ST
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*Subject:* [Elecraft-K3] K3S parts availability???
How long has the K3S been discontinued?   Or has it been discontinued?  Is it obsolete?   I have a K3 and a K3s.   The K3S recently took a surge during a storm that wiped out the KIO3B USB connectivity function.   Replacement parts are not available.   I am on a list to get one, if/when they decide to make more.   Do I just give up on the K3S?  Are they just pushing the K4.   Customer support did not say they don't have the parts in stock, they just said to put your name on the list so if they decide to make more they will let you know.  No estimated date of when they will even make the decision, let alone make the parts?   It all depends on demand???   Does not sound very comforting to me.    Yeah, I am very disappointed.
Fred, K0FG

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