Re: Best way to remote a K3 or K3S

Mark Morin

I've used the K3/0 with RemoteRig for several years now and it works very well. I love the remote transparency, just like being in front of the K3. Downsides: pricy but I don't regret the expense, and it can take some effort to set up and configure, especially if your remote ISP does not provide you with a public IP address. In that case, some knowledge of IP networking and Virtual Private Networks (VPN) would be an asset, or the willingness to tinker and learn. That was my biggest challenge and I ended up I have set up a dedicated Raspberry Pi on each end to host a Logmein Hamachi VPN, and a backup N2N Edge VPN to be able to log into the remote site if the main VPN disconnects. Your internet connections should be low latency and low jitter at both ends, otherwise the audio may be choppy. 

I use my K3 remotely almost every day this way and I'm very happy with the setup. If you go this route and have trouble setting it up, I may be able to provide some suggestions.

Mark VA2MM

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