Re: Elecraft K3S - DVR problems

OZ0J Joe

Hi Keith


My K3S was delivered as brand new from Elecraft in winder 2018/2019. Have you forgotten to upgrade the DVK inside before shipping?


I know that there are some K3 and K3S in Denmark and in use. Can I collect the DVKs for an update and ship them in one package? And what is the price beside the freight costs?


73 Joe, OZ0J




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Sendt: 18. oktober 2020 21:05
Emne: Re: [Elecraft-K3] Elecraft K3S - DVR problems


Hi Joe, we need to program new FW into that DVR. Any FW rev of 2.xx should be upgraded to the current 2.05!
The 06.04 reading is not valid and a glitch. 
(1.04 or older are a different rev of board and are OK).
You will have to take it out and send in,,,  (just the DVR board).
Keith WE6R Elecraft Tech


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