Re: No power out and receive seems to be about 20 dB down on my K3s, intermittent....

Bob McGraw - K4TAX

I run my K3S at 14.3 volts in receive as indicated by the radio. At 100 watts output the voltage indicated by my K3S is 13.9 volts at 16.9 amps.   The power supply is an Astron SS-30M.   I find that good regulation and very low voltage drop in the power cables does minimize radio issues.

I've observed several reported instances of poor crimp on power cables at the PowerPole connectors.    Another point on power distribution,  I find it absolutely necessary to connect the radio direct to the power supply and never use one of those DC power distribution blocks for radio power.   Just remember, every connection adds series resistance and with 16+ amps of DC current flowing this added resistance can cause a noticeable voltage drop from the power supply to the radio.


Bob, K4TAX

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