Re: K3 ANT to IF OUT Conversion Gain

Drew Vonada-Smith K3PA

Ah, I missed that slide.  The switch seems simple but is the kind of manual complexity I don't want to add; I already have automation built around those RX ANT functions I would just as soon not break.  Those are more important to me than the PAN is.

The IF based solution still looks pretty good to me, especially using LPPAN. Perhaps some of that is because I use the thing generally as an signal identification monitor, without much need to point and click precisely. But the point and click does seem fine with the LP-PAN...didn't realize it was any more challenging with a SDR.  All the IF information is known, it should not be hard to design all the calculation in.  I suppose just no one has done it yet in a radio agnostic way.

Thanks for the response!

Drew K3PA

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