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There was an issue with the DVRs in the K3s.  I had to return mine to have internal firmware updated.  The required firmware cannot be installed by the end user.   In the config menu check the firmware version of the "dr" mine is 2.05 after the repair.

Also check the version number several times.  Prior to the repair, I would see 0.05 and then 1.0 then 2.0.  There was no consistancy to the firmware no. in Config Menu

I believe you can send the DVR back by itself.  I did not as I had another issue that also needed repair.


On 10/12/2020 23:29 PM, OZ0J Joe wrote:

Bob and others


I only used the buttons on the front panel of my K3S. recording to M1 and hold M1 to start the peat function. As fa as I remember it was on 20 and 40 meters (same antenna and same amplifier). I was not much on 80 meters (other antenna and other amplifier) and I cannot remember whatever I had the problem on 80 meters.


I will try to remove and re-seat the DVK board if anyone do no have some other suggestions.


Joe, OZ0J



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How did you use it and how frequently did it fail Joe?

Did you have a logger running on a PC and use it to activate the DVK using the appropriate macro commands?  If this is true, I would test repeatedly with no or low RF output into a dummy load.

Or, did you use the K3 M1 button?  If this is true, I would remove and re-seat the DVK board.

I have never had my DVK fail on either K3 regardless of the method I use to start it.  I use it almost daily.

73, Bill, K8TE

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