Re: K3 ANT to IF OUT Conversion Gain


On 10/12/2020 6:34 PM, Bob Wilson, N6TV wrote:
I've been using a Perseus SDR as a transceiver panadapter for about 12 years now.  I highly recommend ignoring K3 IF OUT; use K3 RX ANT OUT instead.  This works with many radios, not just the K3

There are many advantages to doing it this way:
  • No significant loss of sensitivity (just 3 dB from splitter)
The IF out signal loss is only 3 dB or so more than that with preamp off and actually has gain with preamp on.
  • The panadapter span is not limited by the bandwidth of K3 IF (200 kHz?); you can monitor the entire band with the Perseus, not just a small portion

I believe the K3 IF bandwidth (pre-crystal filter) is much greater than 200 kHz.  I think it is limited only by the front-end filters - you should be able to scan the whole band.

Alan N1AL

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