Re: K3 ANT to IF OUT Conversion Gain


On 10/12/2020 1:57 PM, Robert wrote:
Can someone please measure the conversion gain (in dB) of an Elecraft K3 from ANT to IF OUT (with 50 Ohm load on the IF OUT port) on any or preferably all HAM bands? I can also do with data measured with KXV3A. According to the K3 schematics the is no AGS in front of the roofing filters.
Thanks for any help.
73, Robert
Assuming a reasonably late-model K3 or an older one that has the IF out modification, the gain from the K3 antenna to the IF output is approximately -6 to -7 dB with the K3 preamp off and about +4 to +5 dB with the preamp on.

Alan N1AL

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