Re: K3, microHAM microKeyerII, WSJT-X, on 30m

Chris Cox, N0UK

Figured it out - Data Mode was set incorrectly on 10MHz!
Chris Cox, N0UK

On Oct 8, 2020, at 11:19 AM, Chris Cox, N0UK <> wrote:

Good day, one and all.

I finally got my K3 working with WSJT-X/RumLogNG running on my macOS box and connected via the microKeyer II sound card to the K3’s line-in/out connectors.

It took some struggling with the various configuration files to get WSJT-X to correctly interface with the RumLog’s built-in Microham router code but it’s working - except on 10MHz.

I can’t see any band-specific differences in the K3’s config but in data mode, the software won’t key up on that band. Also, if I try to force the rig into transmit using the XMIT button, the rig doesn’t switch to transmit and the display shows the generic N/A error message.

The whole system works on every other band I’ve tried (40, 20, 17, and 10 metres) but will not seem to work on 30.

Any thoughts?

Chris Cox, N0UK

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