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Check with Elecraft first and ask for a support person first before shipping the transformer. They will tell you if they need it in order to repair your unit. Most cases they do not.


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I wish when I was issued a Return Authorization number, availability of shipping box information should be attached for the model in question.

Too late for me. I am going to FedExp to pack and ship the transformer and the unit as two separate shipment.

73 Lou KE1F

On 10/8/2020 8:15 PM, KE1F Lou wrote:

I offered to pay for shipping cost between Cal and Fl for the box they will use to return my repaired KPA500 amplifier. I haven't received a reply. 

COVID or the Forrest fires  may be responsible for it.

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I wonder if Elecraft would sell to its’ consumers the boxes and packaging material that would fit our radio, amps and other Elecraft products?



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