Re: Shipping a KPA500 to factory.

Bill Maddock

My KPA500 came as one piece !

73 de Bill WW5M 

On Thursday, October 8, 2020, 7:38 AM, Jeffrey griffin <kb2mjeff@...> wrote:

Hi Barry. So I’m going to assume that the box they shipped my amp back in is sturdy enough to also ship the amp with the transformer installed? I’m up north for a few more weeks and the shipping box is in Florida. I’ll have to take a good look at it when I get back down there to make sure…


73 Jeff kb2m


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My Elecraft shipping boxes are stored at the shack in SE Georgia and I won’t be back there until November when I can do a physical verification.  My recollection is ’no’ as I don’t recall installing a transformer.  The KPA500 manual (Revision D, 24 DEC 13) does not mention installing the transformer, only installing the fuses and setting the “mains” on pp 5-9.




Barry, WD4ASW/1  

On Oct 8, 2020, at 7:51 AM, Jeffrey griffin <kb2mjeff@...> wrote:


I recently sent my KPA500 back for repair and as I purchased it as a kit I had no packing! I did remove the transformer after I determined with Elecraft it wasn’t the problem. I boxed it up well  with foam packing, and brought it to a UPS store and had them double box it before shipping. When it was returned Elecraft packed it like they would a new amp  they shipped. So now I have an assembled amp shipping box. Just curious, does Elecraft ship a new amp in two boxes  with the transformer packed separately?


73 Jeff kb2m


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I agree; for a high value item that is heavy, I use the UPS store or FedEx.  I think when you use one of these, any damage claims are honored.


Not to pick on Lou,  Richard or anyone else, but didn’t anyone save the boxes/packing material that the KPA1500 and other high value gear was shipped?  As a rule, I keep the boxes/packing materials that my high value equipment was shipped to me so that I would have the proper materials to return the item for repair, or ship the new owner if I was selling.  I don’t have a KPA-1500, but I do have all of the boxes for my K3-P3-KPA-500 and KAT-500 as well as my Flex gear (5000, 6700, PGXL).  I have in fact sent the K3 to Elecraft for upgrades, the 6700 to Flex for warranty work, the PGXL to Flex for warranty work, and when I had a Alpha 9500 it was shipped to RF Concepts for repair (lightning damage).  


No need to have ‘professional packing’ when you had ‘right packing material’ shipped to you in the first place and you’ve already paid for it {e.g. "The packing material for the KPA1500 cost $5,995.00 and they threw in the amplifier for free"….  ;-)   }





Barry, WD4ASW/1




Had a couple issues with my KPA1500 way back, and found it more economical to tear out the board in need of repair and send it back; rather than send back the whole amp and insure the shipping.  Since the board probably weighed less than a pound, I packed it myself; but I would not do that if I had to send back the amp.


If Elecraft doesn't need the whole amp to fix your problem, you might remove the board that is the problem, and send that back.  It will save you a buck or two.


Dick, K8ZTT


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