Re: Shipping a KPA500 to factory.

Richard Williams

I agree; for a high value item that is heavy, I use the UPS store or FedEx.  I think when you use one of these, any damage claims are honored.

Had a couple issues with my KPA1500 way back, and found it more economical to tear out the board in need of repair and send it back; rather than send back the whole amp and insure the shipping.  Since the board probably weighed less than a pound, I packed it myself; but I would not do that if I had to send back the amp.

If Elecraft doesn't need the whole amp to fix your problem, you might remove the board that is the problem, and send that back.  It will save you a buck or two.

Dick, K8ZTT

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On Wednesday, October 7, 2020, 04:43:34 PM MDT, redarlington <rdarlington@...> wrote:

Get a professional to pack it.  I had somebody recently send me something that was packed terribly.  Really piss poor.  And it was damaged.  Couldn't understand how it broke with that one tiny layer of bubble wrap on the front panel when packed into a box just exactly the same size as the item.  It was a Dentron tuner that weighed nearly 20 pounds.  Insides were smashed, knobs broken off.   

If you're asking, do yourself a favor and pay a professional.  There is no way the shipping company would have paid out a claim on this thing.


On Wed, Oct 7, 2020, 3:10 PM KE1F Lou <lmecseri@...> wrote:

I have to ship my KPA500 from Florida to the factory for repair.
I am sure others had to do the same.
This is a heavy piece of equipment. 
I would appreciate advise from other's who done that before.
73, Lou KE1F 

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