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If you are able, remove the transformer using the reverse instructions for installing the transformer. The KPA500 manual is on the Elecraft web site. A helpful thing is to make a crude drawing of where all the wires associated with the removal of the transformer will be when you get the amp back from the mothership.  Elecraft will use their own transformer to make you amp right again.


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I removed the transformer as well—it’s not hard. If you have a factory built unit make sure you note the wiring connections before you unhook them (not necessary on the kit as the hookup instructions are in the manual).


Be sure to insure it. I sent mine back via the USPS and they managed to bash the corner of the box. Because it was at Elecraft getting a repair estimate (sheetmetal only) for the claim was easy and the claim process online was straightforward. They paid promptly. I have heard that UPS insurance claims can be more challenging.


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I have to ship my KPA500 from Florida to the factory for repair.

I am sure others had to do the same.

This is a heavy piece of equipment. 

I would appreciate advise from other's who done that before.

73, Lou KE1F 


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