Remote ON control of K3 - How W5AJ implemented

Robert W5AJ


One of the challenges I’ve had with operating remote was leaving the K3 on when departing

this could be for the office, To visit grandkids, campout using phone as hotspot, etc.

No method to remotely turn on the K3….


The K3 can be easily turned on Remote via Pin 8 on ACC port

but how to pull it low?

My hardware was ready for three devices, USB to RS232 adaptor, W3YY interface board to get the optical isolators

Add connectors

Software to fire each of the three control lines on RS232 port was missing….


Wayne, W5XD wrote program that I could use and placed it in public domain

that was final missing piece.


Recently tested and turned the Elecraft K3 on from PC!! works

This would work for any device requiring a pin be pulled low to activate


setup a web page with “How I did it”, includes pictures which don’t always post on reflectors


73 W5AJ


Midland, Texas


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