Re: K3 RTTY issues with N1MM+

Joe Subich, W4TV

It is necessary to:

1) Set the USB Port to Option C: Limiting Speed (in Misc -> Tx Port)
2) Set Misc -> Tx Port to COM-TxD(FSK) and *not* Sound + COM-TxD (FSK)
3) Check PTT on the FSK Ports in microHAM USB Device Router
4) *DO NOT* use "PTT via Radio Command" [in *ANY* mode] in the N1MM+
Radio Port.

N1MM+ uses a *separate copy* of MMTTY so one must make (1) and (2)
through the N1MM+ Digital Window *FOR BOTH RADIO 1 and RADIO 2* if
using SO2R or SO2V.


... Joe, W4TV

On 2020-10-04 2:59 PM, Harry Rudolph via wrote:
I believe I may have experienced the same issue as described by Ronald.  My setup was basically the same as his except I was operating SO1V.  I went back and verified that all of my settings are as Joe describes.  I should add that I cannot easily independently verify what is actually being transmitted and everything looks normal in the MK2 message screen as well as the N1MM message screen.  The specific condition that I see that I do not recall being normal is that on the MK2 I can see the PTT2 LED de-activate but then I can see the FSK LED continue to flash for approximately 1 second.

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