Re: Elecraft K3s with P3 and Steppir SDA100

Randy Farmer W8FN

It is possible to rig a cable to the SDA100 DATA IN port that will simply monitor frequency via traffic on the RS232 bus if you have installed the optional transceiver interface module, but this is a one-way (receive only) path that won't let you control any aspect of the SteppIR. It will only allow the controller to follow the radio's frequency (and I'm not sure if the SteppIR interface is smart enough to read transmit frequency -- which could be important if you do much split frequency work). The interface cable can tee off the RS232 connection at the P3 PC port. It connects only the RS232 TXD line (pin 2) and ground (pin 5). A good way to deal with this connection would be a N6TV Serial Box. I've attached a copy of the SteppIR drawing for the Y cable for this link. The SDA100 MUST be configured for the same baud rate as the radio for this connection to work. PstRotatorAz will allow full control of the SteppIR via the DATA OUT port, but you must provide an RS232 port and connect it to the SDA100 using a null modem cable (pins 2 and 3 interchanged at one end).

Randy, W8FN

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It is my understanding that with a couple of cables, the K3/P3 will communicate with the SDA100 with no extra software.  I an not sure of the wiring (how to go from the K3s through the P3) to the SDA100 with a couple of setting changes on the K3 and the SDA100?

I have the SDA100 set to Kenwood 4800/4800 also


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