Re: Elecraft K3s with P3 and Steppir SDA100

Henk PA0C

The software is only used to invoke CAT info from the K3.
With no software and AUTO Inf activated in the Conf menu the same is achieved: each change of the K3 is forwarded on RS 232.
Works fine with my K3/Steppir combination.
73 Henk

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Van: AE7AP <kingery713@...>
Datum: 05-10-2020 06:14 (GMT+01:00)
Onderwerp: Re: [Elecraft-K3] Elecraft K3s with P3 and Steppir SDA100

I have a sketch of how mine is hooked up, but I don't see how to attach it, so I will send it to you separately.  It is, generally as follows:

K3s-RJ-45 from Elecraft CBLP3Y
P3-XCVR DB-9(M) :  DB-9(F) from CBLP3Y
P3-PC DB-9(F):  DB-9(M) from SteppIR Y-Cable
SDA100-Data in/Radio DB-9(M):  DB-9(F) from SteppIR Y-Cable
Elecraft CBLP3Y-DB-9(M):  DB-9(F) from SteppIR Y-Cable

I have to have software (DXLab, N1MM, etc.) running in order for the SDA100 Autotrack to work.  In DXLab Commander, I have the "Interrogation" box clicked and a 250 ms scan interval & a "1" in the Scan Dwell box.  I don't know that these settings matter, but it works well.

Rob - AE7AP

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