Re: Elecraft K3s with P3 and Steppir SDA100

Randy Farmer W8FN

I used a SteppIR with the SDA100 controller for several years. I used PstRotatorAz set to track my logging programs (DX4WIN for general logging and N1MM+ for contesting). I purchased a two-port Gearmo USB to RS232 converter and used one port to drive the SDA100. You connect the RS232 interface to the SDA100 DATA IN port. It worked very well. PstRotatorAz is an excellent program that will do lots of things besides control rotators, and it's well worth the small one-time registration cost.

Randy, W8FN

On 10/4/2020 8:29 PM, craigt@... wrote:
I am looking for some guidance using the Elecraft K3s with P3 and Steppir SDA100.  What cables needed and what settings are needed on both the K3s and SDA100 to get the Steppir BigIR to automatically switch bands?  if you have a wiring diagram that would be great also.

Thank you for our help in advance

Craig WØLV

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