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Rob Sherwood

Remember that the crystal filters are roofing filters, and you can operate CW even if you only have the standard 2.7 kHz filter.  Set the DSP for any bandwidth you want.  Of course in a pile-up a 400 or 500-Hz roofing filter is more optimum.    Rob, NC0B


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I have both the 400 hz and the 250 hz 8 pole filters. Honestly, I rarely use the 250, and often have the bandwidth open wider than 400 hz. 


Tom W4KX


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I have recently gotten back into CW and I want to get a K3 purely for CW.  I have seen plenty of K3/100/AT for under $2000.  My code speed is between 13-18 wpm, but I am trying to get proficient so that is why I am looking at the K3 to use for code and build up my proficiency.  I presently have an Icom 7300 which I know would work fine but I like that the Elecraft uses PIN diodes for switching. Any recommendations on must-have filters?


Thanks, Ben KJ4CC

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