Re: USB driver lost, Windows update

OZ0J Joe

Tnx Tom also for the e-mail with the driver. Somehow my friend manage to get all working including a new dll file for Win-Test. The other one was corrupt.


I will visit him shortly and check the Windows update and make some changes of which part not to be updated.


73 Joe, OZ0J


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Emne: Re: [Elecraft-K3] USB driver lost, Windows update


Windows update can do you a favor and provide the latest driver which in some cases will make your usb device connection useless.


When you finally get the correct driver back, you need to remove the “allow driver update” option from win 10, otherwise this will happen again.


Now, if this interface used a prolific chip, try this driver to get the USB interface recognized (and save the driver in a safe place).


I have read that this will happen to FTDI chip drivers also but I don’t have any information to help you.




Tom w2mn


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Subject: [Elecraft-K3] USB driver lost, Windows update


For a friend I try to help with his setup.


PC is Windows 10, 64-bit and the Station is a Elecraft K3. The connection between PC and K3 is an USB cable in both ends.


We guess that a Windows update lost the driver between the K3 and the PC. When the USB is unplugged the error in device manager disappeard.


Does anyone know where to download a new driver for the K3 USB connection to Windows 10, 64-bit?



73 Joe, OZ0J



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