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Clay Autery

Sounds like its a USB port getting close to wearing out...  USB A-B is a lot less robust than USB C ports...  IMHO

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On 09/21/20 07:23, Alan Baker wrote:

It's possible that it's not just cable length, it could just be movement of the cable and proximity to 'something' else.

I've had intermittent issues with USB disappearing and I know for sure that at least twice it happened just after I reached over the back of the K3S to check a different connector.
My 'cure' so far has been to unplug the USB connector on the back of the rig and re-plug it, whilst watching the Device Manager display on the PC it's connected to. I have an extension lead on the USB cable and unplugging it there and re-plugging has no effect. Re-booting the PC has no effect. Of course it could be that something is not quite 'seated' in the K3S, but as all other I/O works 100% reliably, I have my doubts. As I have a mess of cables behind the K3S, I suspect some form of mutual coupling, which gets disturbed when I reach over. I guess I should try some ferrites.

I'm taking chances by writing this, as it's not happened for some time, so I better watch out when I next switch on. :-D


Alan. G4GNX

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I too had a problem when I reconnected a USB cable to my K3s. I found or so it seems the length of the USB cable is a problem. When I connected a 1.25 meter cable, the PC would see the K3s but would only RX with no TX, when fitting a 1.5 meter cable, it could not find the K3s at all. But when I tried a 600mm cable, BINGO, all’s well, PC found my K3s TX & RX. So I assume the shorter the cable the better, I am not a techy whizz kid so you tell me why 900mm of cable makes such a big difference? But it seems it does. Maybe my friend Andrew G8BYB might pick up on this thread as he may know more than me.



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