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On Aug 27, 2020, at 4:37 PM, David Bunte <dpbunte@...> wrote:

Ray -

We are both making assumptions and we may both be wrong. I believe he could have memorized answers on his own, you assume someone helped him and then dropped the ball. I did not have an Elmer, but have tried to be one to a number of the less experienced hams I have met over the years. 

I think your point that someone should step up and teach him is an excellent one. And I think that is what he was asking for. But I still don't understand why you did not take the opportunity to provide even a little bit of the help he was seeking.

We have probably carried this discussion further than necessary, and it is likely not of much interest to others on the list, so I suggest that if we have more to talk about we do so via direct email.

Very 73 de Dave - K9FN

On Thu, Aug 27, 2020 at 5:22 PM Ray Maxfield <wa6vab@...> wrote:


This Ham Got his Extra Class License, as I see on QRZ site.

It stands to reason, if he passed the Extra Class Test and Does not Understand how to use a 50 ohm load to troubleshoot the problem,

He had Help passing the Test….. Someone Helped him ! ( memorize the answers )

Now that person (his Elmer) needs to step up and Teach his Student The Basics of Ham Radio and Electronics (novice level)

And To the Standard Required for the Grade of License he Holds.


Apparently You don’t agree.   Ray 





From: David Bunte
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Ray -


Indeed you did... but not all hams have an Elmer. I just could not understand why you insulted him rather than helping him understand.


Dave - K9FN


On Thu, Aug 27, 2020 at 1:05 PM Ray Maxfield <wa6vab@...> wrote:

I told to contact his Elmer !  didn’t I ? 



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From: David Bunte
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Subject: Re: [Elecraft-K3] SWR issue on KPA500


Ray -


You obviously knew that your email was insensitive, not responsive to his question and thus not helpful... but you still sent it... completely walking away from a fellow ham who clearly wants to learn. 


Are you unwilling to help someone who may know less than you?


Dave - K9FN 


On Thu, Aug 27, 2020 at 11:40 AM Ray Maxfield <wa6vab@...> wrote:

I know I will get Hate mail…….

How did you get your License with that statement ?

(Don’t know what the “put a 50 ohm load on it” means though.  What would I be looking for?)

Contact you Elmer for Help………. Ray WA6VAB



From: David Bunte
Sent: Thursday, August 27, 2020 1:34 AM
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Subject: Re: [Elecraft-K3] SWR issue on KPA500


Ken -


I have a K3 à KPA500 à KAT500 à a remotely tuned antenna. When I am on the air I either use the KAT500 to match my antenna, while the remote tuner at the antenna is in bypass... OR I have the KAT500 in bypass and match my antenna with the remote tuner. I NEVER use both the remote tuner AND the KAT500 at the same time. Do I correctly understand that is what you are doing? I don't have an MFJ1788, but from what I read, it should tune to 40 meters automatically, so an additional tuner in the shack would be superfluous. As a first step, I would suggest you put the KAT500 and the KPA500 both into bypass and make sure the '1788 presents a low SWR to the K3s when running 10 watts. If not, the problem is in the antenna. If it works OK that way, then raise the power to the 53 watts that you normally run but without the KAT500 and see if the problem persists. 


The suggestion to "put a 50-ohm load on it" means to replace the antenna with a 50-ohm dummy load. If the problem goes away, then you know the problem is in the antenna or remote tuner.


I realize you have gotten several responses. I hope one of them helps you figure out where the problem is so you can get back to having fun on the air.


73 de Dave - K9FN












On Thu, Aug 27, 2020 at 2:39 AM kenneth_yaw via <> wrote:

Sure.  I can give that a shot.

Don’t know what the “put a 50 ohm load on it” means though.  What would I be looking for?






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Sent: Wednesday, August 26, 2020 12:48 PM
Subject: Re: [Elecraft-K3] SWR issue on KPA500


Loop in  a separate SWR meter between KPA and KAT?


(Some years back I had a strange K3 fault, K3 ATU reported high SWR. In reality ATU was faulty. Found that with external SWR meter) 






On 26. Aug 2020, at 18:44, Gerard <scanneg@...> wrote:


Put a 50ohm load on it


On Wed 26 Aug 2020, 17:41 kenneth_yaw via, <> wrote:


My setup, I believe, is pretty straight forward:  K3s à KPA500 à KAT500 à Alpha Delta Delta-4 à MFJ Super High-Q remote tuner à MFJ-1788 Magloop.

I’m working FT8 on 40 meters at 53 watts.  Have been for a while.  Lately, the KPA500 has been reporting high SWR and giving me a hard fault, automatically switching over

to bypass.  The K3s, KAT500, and the remote tuner are reporting the SWR between 1.5 to 1.7 through the night.  OK for summer.

Could that be the SWR coming back from the KAT500?  All the way from the antenna?  I’m not sure where to begin working on my diagnosis.



Ken Yaw, KN7AW







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