Re: KPA500, Win4K3, and DDU

John H. Long Jr. <john@...>

Have you tried connecting it through one of the win4k3s virtual ports?

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Seems like a 15 minute job to code up the equivalent (and then some) for a PC.  I don't have one of these amps so I'm not the right guy, but it's likely trivial.   Not everybody runs a computer attached to their rig full time, so this gadget fills the gap for sure.  But if you do, then this thing won't work at all unless I misunderstand something (It uses the serial port you'd connect to your pc to control the rig -I think anyway). 

-Bob N3XKB

On Thu, Aug 6, 2020 at 10:34 AM w3qt_mike <w3qt@...> wrote:

Recently purchased one of KV5J’s Digital Display Units.  Physically attractive, it’s a nice addition to the shack and makes monitoring my KPA500 vitals a snap.  The unit, however, also gives rise to an unintended consequence.  In order to poll the amp it has to be connected to the amp’s RS232 (PC) port.  I also use Win4K3.  In order to use Win4K3 with the amp it has to be connected to the computer via the same RS232 (PC) port that would be used by the DDU.  A DB9 splitter cable will not work.  A DB9 manual switch box would work, but having to physically turn a switch eliminates computer control, so why not just manually operate the KPA500?  Eliminating the manual switch box reduces my options with the amp to an “either/or” choice – Win4K3 and no DDU or DDU and no Win4K3.  Has anyone else encountered this issue, and, if so, what is your workaround? 


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