KXPA100 Digital Display Unit

Keith KV5J

See what's going on inside your KXPA100 Amplifier!

A great way to help protect your investment!
Newest Digital Display Unit for the KXPA100 displays these crucial reading:
1. Power amplifier's heat sink temperature

2. Power amplifier's voltage supply voltage

3. Power amplifier's current

4. Power amplifier's output power

5. SWR that the KXPA100 sees at its output

Don't wait for a fault light to tell you something is wrong with your amplifier!

Easy to read 2 line display

No USB or serial cable to computer

No com port in Windows to manage

No computer needed

Plug and Play

Simply connect the SUPPLIED dc power cable to power supply and SUPPLIED PC data jumper cable to the KXPA100's PC port

Retains all functions of the KXPA100 front panel

All displayed info obtained directly from the KXPA100

4" x 4" x 2"

The DDU will poll the KXPA100 and display PA voltage and PA temperature during receive and transmit cycles. It will add watts, SWR and current during transmit. There is a built in hold time to keep the watts and SWR displayed for a short amount of time after unkeying.

Limited "In Stock" units ready to order:


Keith, KV5J

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