Re: Audio issue - loud speaker?


AF  LIM is set to 26 here.
Nor 30 means it is off.
If it is set to 8 means severe audio clipping.

The AF LIM feature was added during the life cycle of the K3, it was not there from the start. It comes into play when the agc is off and strong signals come into the passband. Then it wil protect your ears.
As I said, AF LIM is set to 26, but AGC is always on.
AGC SLP is set to 6
AGC THR is set to 12

And for the speaker audio of the K3, lousy audio if you need to fill the room.
I've used a computer speaker set from the beginning. Does not have to be an expensive one to beat the K3 speaker. I even take it to fieldday and conteststations. It's worth it.

AF GAIN is on HI, AF gain knob at 9 o'clock.
Headset is the well known Yamaha, used by many who own a K3.


Arie PA3A

Op 25-7-2020 om 22:27 schreef W4PF-Steve:

It is currently set to "nor   030". What is yours set at?

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