Re: Audio issue - loud speaker?

Rob Sherwood

The headphone amp is separate from the speaker amp.  Rob, NC0B

On Jul 24, 2020, at 7:12 AM, W4PF-Steve <w4pf@...> wrote:

 I too have also experienced this issue with my K3s; the audio going into distortion with strong cw stations on a crowded band. I have sent Elecraft audio clips and have not been able to totally resolve the issue. It does resemble a bad cone in a speaker (several speakers were used with all having the same issue), the AGC acting up, or something wrong with the audio output circuity. I have found that plugging in a set of headphones in the front jack does seem to make the problem disappear, but the audio level is lower when using headphones. BTW, turning down the volume level has little impact on the distortion and I must admit that this appears to be intermittent or just needs the exact conditions. 
Anyone else seeing this?? 
Thanks de Steve W4PF

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