Re: K3s not communicating with computer

Max NG7M

The switch on the KIO3B board is used to force a firmware update in the event you only have a USB connection to your computer... this is documented in the manual for the KIO3B on page 9. (the docs on forcing the firmware download can be found on page 13)

You can use the USB serial interface and the RS232 RJ45 jack at the same time by the way... the CAT data on the RJ45 port is read only when you are using the USB Serial interface for the normal CAT read write operations.  This is very handy to use the RJ45 serial output for some other device that is only interested in tracking the auto-inf CAT data output... i.e. a SteppIR controller etc... or any device that works with a read only feed of the Elecraft/Kenwood CAT data output protocol.  It all depends on the device you are feeding the data to of course as to if it will work, YMMV.  I use the RJ45 output and the adapter to split the CAT read only output to a couple of SteppIR controllers.  It works great. And in this case you will probably want to enable the config setting for Auto-INF to on, so the RJ45 data output starts by default when you power on your K3.

What you can't do is enable the full backwards compatibility mode on the RJ45 for CAT read/write and use the USB serial port at the same time... if you do this, you lose the USB serial port CAT feed all together.  This switches your KIO3B back to how the CAT interface worked before the KIO3B was introduced.

Max NG7M

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