Re: K3 to Mazzoni Loop Controller

George Pappayliou

Love the antenna but I have been unsuccessful in getting it to auto tune to track my K3s. I have tried a variety of hook ups off of my P3. I know that the frequency information is there because it auto tunes my SteppIR Urban Beam without an issue.

If you find an answer please post a follow up as I would be interested to give it another try.

Regards, George W3GP
George S. Pappayliou

On Jul 12, 2020, at 11:18 AM, David Bondy G4NRT <david@...> wrote:

I want to connect my K3 to my Ciro Mazzoni Baby Loop ATU v2.0 via an RS232 to RS232 cable.

I know that the loop controller has a setting to allow it to receive frequency change commands from Elecraft rigs but I do not know how or where to set the rig to send these commands via the RS232 connector.

If anyone has done this and can advise me then I would be most grateful!

73 de David G4NRT

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