Re: K3s not communicating with computer

redarlington <rdarlington@...>

USB and RS232 are not active at the same time.  Take your pick in the config menu.


On Sat, Jul 11, 2020 at 10:46 AM Henry Jarzyna <va3ov@...> wrote:
For the first time after acquiring the previously owned K3s I connected the radio via the USB to the computer. The P3 is also connected via CBLP3Y to the radio. Baud is set at 38400. The K3s is not connecting with the computer and Elecraft Utility. When I disconnect the RJ45 from the radio, communication is complete and I can install updated firmware and I can use N1MM+ logger for the upcoming contest. I do not have the E980297 cable I can use for the second option. I would like to retain the complete functions of the P3. The RS232/P3 and USB ports can not be active at the same time?
Am I missing something? 73
Henry VA3OV

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