New release of Win4K3Suite

Tom Blahovici

There is a new version of Win4K3Suite available.  This release improves the SDRPlay interface, includes a Startup macro and has overall improvements.
Win4K3Suite is a full featured control program for the K3/S, KX3 and KX2.  It has a built in Panadapter that works with LPPAN and a sound card, as well as the SDRPlay RSP's. It supports the KAT500, KPA500/1500 and the KXPA100 on most of the above radios.  
A unique feature is that is has 6 built in Virtual Radios, each of which works just like an Elecraft radio.  This allows sharing of a single COM port with up to 6 applications.  It also has a built in HRDLogbook server and the EiBi Shortwave database.
You see more information here:
and download a fully functional 30 day trial at
73 Tom

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