Re: P3 display flashing on/off.

Gerard <scanneg@...>

Mine is different, flashing in cold weather, nothing on K3 changes it.  So thinking electolytics P3

On Tue 30 Jun 2020, 19:22 W9BIK, <w9bik@...> wrote:
Hi Alan,

No, I have not tried that.  Maybe this evening after work I'll give that a try. Thanks for the suggestion.

I'm pretty sure the issue is in the K3s, probably on the KIO3B, but I am not quite ready to put money on that yet.  There is still a possibility it could be the P3, and I do need to somehow positively isolate the issue to either the K3s or P3. I am looking for a way to do that.

Keying up the K3s prevents the flashing, as does removing the RS232 cable. I don't see much in the P3 that would affect the entire display flashing by keying the TX or removing the cable other than changing display modes or loss of serial data. Maybe I'm missing something though, so at this point I am willing to try anything I have not yet tried.


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