Re: Two K3 Rigs: How to wire a Mute Connection to one K3 while the Second K3 is Transmitting. Field Day.

Thomas Doligalski

I think you need to do more than simply “muting” the second K3 to protect its front end. 



On Jun 20, 2020, at 8:48 AM, Mark W2OR via <reston2010mm-orders@...> wrote:

A K3 Wiring Question - - How to easily mute one K3 while a Second co-located K3 is transmitting: 


We need to know how best to (easily) hard-wire a connection between two K3 radios, a connection that will mute a second, receive-only K3 automatically when a co-located 'main' K3 is transmitting with a KPA500-watt amp.  Both are tuned to the same band (HF and VHF).  Each has its own separate, nearby antenna.  The intention is to fully protect the circuitry in the second receive-only K3 from RF overload or damage.

The K3 units will be used in a multi-op environment, and so we hope to keep this mute connection as simple as possible.  
There are probably two or more ways to do this, so am open to suggestions on all. 

GL on Field Day, everyone.
73 de Mark
.. w2or ..
(( The responses to this question should be very 'interesting' ...))

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