Re: K3S, MacOS, fldigi



I'm using Windows 10.  You can right click on the little speaker icon at the bottom right corner near the clock and pull to "open sound settings".    From there you can select the usb audio codec output device and change the volume level.  Same for the input device (how loud  the radio sounds to the computer -like mic gain) below that, but I think there's another menu to hit to get it.  It's basically a software control for the hardware in the rig.  Windows sees a serial port and a sound device over that USB connection.   I'm probably not doing this any justice with how I'm describing it so I apologize for that.   Windows itself (or rather, we humans) would typically use the sound device built into the computer for things like listening to music or watching youtube.   And because you have more than one device (the other being the radio's internal sound hardware), you can have that completely separated out so youtube doesn't go out over the air when your PTT is in use.   

So far as I know, the only way to adjust this audio level setting is via the operating system's mixer settings, but for all I know there might be something in a menu somewhere on the radio.   Anyway, best of luck, and again I apologize for being terrible at explaining this stuff.

Bob - N3XKB

On Thu, Jun 4, 2020 at 11:19 PM Jim <soareagle@...> wrote:
Hi Bob, So what IS the right sound device? I'm using the USB Audio Codec, which I thought was correct. How do I turn up the "volume"? I'm seeing any setting for that in fldigi nor on the radio.

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