Re: Cady K3s/P3 hard copy book

Clay Autery

I printed mine on better than printed book paper stock on the printer in the other room, front and back, added my own front/back cover designs, et al.
Less than $10 in paper AND ink costs....

For about half that price, I published it in a 1/4 format handbook size for disposable/field use.

Actually, since I use HP Instant Ink now, it's likely even cheaper than that...

I could bind it in hard-cover for about twice that myself.... but why would I want to do that?  Lay flat binders are awesome...


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On 05/28/20 16:13, Ed Pflueger wrote:

Ya the book is only a couple of hundred pages printed on both sides.  Shouldn’t cost over$150 bucks to get it printed.  LOL


Ed.. AB4IQ


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so the smart person would download it and have it properly printed , therefore paying about 1/3 of that ridiculous price.



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