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Clay Autery

^^^^^^^  Latest version 1.6 of the K3s/P3 book (2018 update) available above for $25.00

Later version than the printed book that is no longer available from Elecraft anyway.

Not sure why the index is such a huge issue with some folks.  Yes, I grew up with printed books too.  I still prefer paper in lots of instances.

But I can stitch PDFs together in HUGE libraries and search them ALL INSTANTLY by word, symbol, quote, et al....
That is how I have ALL of the ARRL pubs setup on my server...

And that is how I am setting up ALL my Elecraft documentation as supplemented by all of Fred's books that I own.

But I STILL maintain a current set of binders with ALL of the Elecraft, et al. docs printed in loose-leaf format with changes posted just like we were taught in the service..... until incorporated in follow-on printings/versions.

Have a nice day.... 

Clay Autery, KY5G
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On 05/28/20 14:22, redarlington wrote: 

It says it right there.  Book available only through Elecraft.  I don't have any interest in having a PDF printed and bound.  If you guys do, then by all means knock yourselves out.  I find reference material in electronic format to be really annoying until it comes to searching.  A comprehensive index in a book and we break even.

88's  this time,

On Thu, May 28, 2020 at 1:01 PM Mel Marcus <melm@...> wrote:
so the smart person would download it and have it properly printed , therefore paying about 1/3 of that ridiculous price.

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I don't mean to sound like I'm knocking you or anybody else.  That was far from my intent so I apologize.  To the others that responded, yeah, it was sixty bucks.   It's not a bad book, but it's very basic.  I also did buy one of those spiral bound "Nifty" guides with the laminated paper.  I guess I outgrew it quickly because I haven't seen it since I bought it.   Gotta dig it up so I can keep it with the go kit.

That said, I do find myself referring to the manual (online, pdf version) from time to time because I need to know a specific detail on a menu setting or how an input works.   That "line in" really threw me off when I plugged in a DR-7800 pactor modem.  The rig refuses to take input from the sound card!  Why?   I solved the problem by moving the connector over to the unused microphone input on the back and carried on with life instead of hacking up the input board.  

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Anyway, 73 all!

-Bob N3XKB

On Thu, May 28, 2020 at 9:35 AM Christopher Scibelli via <> wrote:
Since you quoted me I'll respond.  I got the $60 from somebody who participated in this topic.  I assumed he knew what the price of the book was/is since he seemed to be an owner..  I've never bought a K3 manual.  I found the manual provided by Elecraft to be sufficient and the K3 wasn't my first radio so I found much to be intuitive. 

If $25 is the actual cost I still wouldn't buy it but not for cost reasons.  I simply didn't need a supplement to the user manual. A good book can be priceless.  My copy of the "Intelligent Investor" would be one of those books.


Chris  NU1O
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I don't know where y'all are getting this $60.00 figure from.  I have never paid that much for ANY Cady publication.
I have purchased multiple versions of the K3s/P3 publication, et al.  After he passed, I went and found the latest/last versions of all applicable publications and purchased them...

The latest version of the K3s/P3 eBook is available right now for $25.00.

Printing and binding costs money.  If you want someone to print and bind the book for you, then pay for it.
Alternatively, download the eBook and print it yourself using Acrobat DC....  Use good paper and you can print it 2-sided with borders sufficient for 3-hole punching on the left of each page, reducing your paper needs by half.
A loose leaf version in a binder with all the Elecraft docs is more useful/easier to use anyway.  OR you can learn to bind it yourself...

Otherwise, how about you squeak when you walk cheapsters quit whining.

I STILL find useful information in Fred's books EVERY time I re-read them.  NO ONE is forcing you to buy the Cady book.

______________________ Clay Autery, KY5G (318) 518-1389
On 05/28/20 04:01, Christopher Scibelli via wrote:
$60 for a book on how to operate a K3?  That is a very expensive user guide, and I think you are right:  A K3 owner should be able to learn all it's features from the operating manual and about a month of on-air time.


Chris  NU1O

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This might be heresy, but I didn't find anything in the book worth paying for.  Just about any of us should have the rigs mastered in the first month and should be able to write the book.  I feel very let down for the low low price of $60 shipped, give or take.


On Wed, May 27, 2020 at 9:51 PM Earl <n5zm@...> wrote:
I am in the market for the Cady K3s/P3 hard copy book if anyone has one excess
to their needs.

I have a Cady K3 hard copy book that is excess to my needs.

Earl N5ZM..

PS. Sure do miss Fred

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