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Alan Baker - G4GNX

I checked the K3 and Cady books and there doesn't appear to be any way of doing what you want. You can set the band, but not a particular offset in the band. Unfortunately the offset provided is only correctional and won't shift far enough for your purpose.


Alan. G4GNX

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From: "Colin Smithers" <colin@...>
Sent: 23/05/2020 23:15:47
Subject: [Elecraft-K3] Alternative transverter IF

Hi all, 

I'm New here.

Does anyone know how to set a transverter IF to 28.5MHz, or any other frequency that is not 28,0, 50,0 etc? The incremental oscillator shift only goes so far i think.

Reason is I built a 70 MHz transverter from 28.5 as using 28.0 results in a a difficult spurious product.

If not I can always continue to subtract .5 in my head as i have done for the last 35+ years :-)

(Also sent to the elecraft group)

Thanks and 73, Colin G4CWH

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