Re: Alternative transverter IF

Colin Smithers

That is the question! But how? I can only set 28.0, or 50.0. Etc

Its possible I’m missing something obvious. Please have a go and tell me what you find 😊

73, Colin

On 24 May 2020, at 13:50, David Ferrington, M0XDF via <M0XDF@...> wrote:

 I could be wrong, but can’t you pick your freq. on the K3?

-73 de M0XDF

On 24 May 2020, at 03:56, Ray Maxfield <wa6vab@...> wrote:


You need to change the Transverter Oscillator Frequency.

Most likely a Crystal, or if a Newer DDS Oscillator, the Frequency it is running at.

Try to find the Make and model on the internet to get the Data / Information

About your Transverter……..    Ray    WA6VAB    


From: Colin Smithers
Sent: Saturday, May 23, 2020 3:36 PM
Subject: [Elecraft-K3] Alternative transverter IF


Hi all, 

I'm New here.

Does anyone know how to set a transverter IF to 28.5MHz, or any other frequency that is not 28,0, 50,0 etc? The incremental oscillator shift only goes so far i think.

Reason is I built a 70 MHz transverter from 28.5 as using 28.0 results in a a difficult spurious product.

If not I can always continue to subtract .5 in my head as i have done for the last 35+ years :-)

(Also sent to the elecraft group)

Thanks and 73, Colin G4CWH


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