Re: K3-S RF output pulses while TX in FT8

Bob McGraw - K4TAX

While I do see some slight variation in the WSJT signal, it is very minor.   Using TUNE mode, my K3S via USB control, pulses between 110 and 113 watts output, as best as my watt meter resolution provides.  Likewise when transmitting FT-8 data.   I figure this is the result of the processor in my computer doing some other housekeeping chores when running WSJT-X. 

As to the indication of ALC values on the K3S, if the tone is near 1500 Hz, I do see ALC pulsations indicated.    I attribute this to the interaction between the scan rate or display and the 1500 Hz tone.  If one changes to 1300 or 1700 Hz then the issue does not appear.  In either case, I see this as a display item and actual power output is not affected. 

Bob, K4TAX

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