Re: KPA 1500 Minimum Ambient Room Temperature

Rick NK7I


(Small rabbit trail)

And a GREAT showing that trip made!  Thanks for the many contacts (21 confirmed), the treats were on 160M (500 watts, inverted L) and the shocker was on 60M (100 watts into a rotating dipole, WOW!), so shocking I tried it again successfully a couple nights later. 

Elecraft to Elecraft, it was almost easy; you clearly heard VERY VERY well there.

Thank you!  WELL done!

Later this week, I'll finish moving pieces into the new shack and KPA1500 s/n 012X will finally be heard on the air (two years after arrival).  Then I can pay attention to fan noise and temps and join in those conversations with my data.

Rick NK7I
North Idaho

On 5/11/2020 6:22 AM, Gene K5GS wrote:
Thanks to Elecraft's generosity, we had a KPA-1500 on the recently completed VP8PJ South Orkney DXpedition. The temperature in the operating tent was usually in the low to mid 30s(f)  (0c to +3c) all the time.
Even after 13+ days of DXpedition operation the RF deck and power supply remained surprisingly cool to the touch. During my shifts using the 1500 I don't recall it kicking into a higher fan speed. Possible I didn't hear it because of the generator noise and headset. We typically ran 800 - 1,200 watts out, the amp ran flawlessly.  The usual DXpedition "accidents" didn't bother the 1500.

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