Re: KPA 1500 Minimum Ambient Room Temperature

Gene K5GS <k5gs@...>

Thanks to Elecraft's generosity, we had a KPA-1500 on the recently completed VP8PJ South Orkney DXpedition. The temperature in the operating tent was usually in the low to mid 30s(f)  (0c to +3c) all the time.
Even after 13+ days of DXpedition operation the RF deck and power supply remained surprisingly cool to the touch. During my shifts using the 1500 I don't recall it kicking into a higher fan speed. Possible I didn't hear it because of the generator noise and headset. We typically ran 800 - 1,200 watts out, the amp ran flawlessly.  The usual DXpedition "accidents" didn't bother the 1500.

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