Re: Factory service still available?

John Canfield

Wow, my thread took a 90 degree turn LOL.

My K3S station (P3, KPA1500, SDA2000 Optimizer, Green Heron, LP500 station monitor, etc) are powered up 7x24. My K3 has had two confirmed problems in its lifetime - a blown 15V Zener on the power input (not my fault) and some blown surface mount parts on the USB/LANĀ  I/O board. The Ethernet part of the board was fine but something happened on the USB interface - still haven't figured out what would have caused that.

I'm still having an intermittent problem with the K3S hanging up in transmit mode. WSJT-X stopped the audio but the K3 doesn't drop back to RX. My PC and WSJT-X version have been stable since early December. I wonder if there's a way to monitor the CAT commands from the PC to the K3S?

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