Re: Factory service still available?

Christopher Scibelli

When was the last time you tuned from 1.8 Mhz to the MUF?  Aside from Radio China, which is broadcasting like the Soviets and VOA did during the Cold War, the HF frequencies are mostly quiet.  There is plenty of unused spectrum without taking amateur radio frequencies. 


Chris  NU1O

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Concerning the present state of licensing, you are not incorrect.  However, one must consider several factors:
1.  Interest in amateur radio was severely impacted by the advent of the Internet and cellular phones.
2.  Young people now have many things to attract and distract them.  These include, hundreds of TV channels, endless sources of music, unreasonable levels of homework, extra-curricular school activities, etc.
3.  Volunteerism has seriously waned in this country.. E.g., in my home state, I was a volunteer firefighter for several years.  When I joined in the 1970s, there was actually a waiting list to join and now they cannot even field a volunteer force.
4.  Use it or lose it.
5.  Most who affiliate with radio clubs are gray heads like me.

Service clubs -- and all volunteer organizations -- are struggling these days.  Quite frankly, for the survival of ham radio and our access to the bands, the numbers have to be kept up and we have to prove the need for the service.  If that means reducing the standards, that's too bad, but a necessary evil.  So if we have to lower the bar for entry and advancement, let's just be appreciative that there are those showing interest in the hobby, so the rest of us can continue on.

Peter Singer, W2PWS

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